Sunday, April 12, 2009

Block Applications On Your Computer With Applocker

If you want to block others from running any program on your computer but don’t want to uninstall it then AppLocker can help you to do so.

It provides easy to use interface to the user for locking apps. Basically it is designed to work on servers so that clients can be stopped from accessing particular software. One can also use the configure option to add other software in the list.

The only problem is there is no password protection provided for this application so that any body can access it and unblock all other apps. But still it is good for servers and can be very useful.



How to Make Windows XP Into Genuine

In this post i will show how to make your windows XP into Genuine without paying a single buck..!! Yes it is possible to make windows xp
into Genuine without buying the original License. The secrets of make Genuine is now exposed.The secret is just to add a REGISTRY entry ok i know some of them they don't know what is REGISTRY ? even those who don't know Registry it is possible to use this trick. Just follow simple steps as show below.

1. Download the Windows Validation XP Genuine File.


2. Now just Double click the file, choose Yes when prompted.

3. Now its time to Validate(Activate) so just go to Genuine Microsoft Software and then click on “Validate Windows” .

Ok now your windows is Genuine Happy..

Password Of The Above File Is--->

Removing Shortcut Mark From Icons..



Friends r u bored with seeing short cut mark in the icons ok today i will explain how to remove it in a simple steps without using any softwares.

1. first Open REGEDIT.EXE by writing "regedit" in Start->>Run menu (winlogo+R)


3. Then open the Key LNKFILE

4. Delete the value IsShortcut

5. Open the next Key PIFFILE

6. Delete the value IsShortcut

7. Restart the windows.

Thats it see the magic

Cool Trick To Get Yourself Famous

This is a very cool trick to flatter your friends. Recently one of my friend
send me a link to view his video. When i opened i found it so funny,
saw his name in the Signboards, in the News Headlines, Airplanes. Not
only this the worlds, Famous Businessmen, Politicians, leaders
appreciating about him (The World's Greatest Business Mind) and a man
in the end with a tattoo of his name behind his back(this part is damn

Now before you spoil the fun you must check THIS video first. I created the same video after viewing it.

How to create it:

Open this LINK and in the address bar replace Anand-Jain with your name.

Enjoy !!!!! Hehehehe