Monday, April 6, 2009

Rapidshare Hack – Kill Download Waiting Time


Its been some time now Rapidshare has removed CATPHA ( entering the code shown in the image to download file ). But another very annoying thing you see while downloading any file from rapidshare is the annoying download time before getting the download link.
Today, we will tell you a simple hack which lets you kill the rapidshare download timer and lower it down to zero with in a second. After the timer is zero you will see the Download Link immediately to download your file.

Let’s see how can you make the rapidshare download counter to zero instantly with in a second.

1. Copy the rapidshare link of the file to be downloaded in the address bar

2. Click on free user button, and after clicking it the download timer will get started.

3. Copy and Paste the following to the browser Address Bar


4. and Press Enter

5. That’s it the download timer is gone and you will the download link immediately to download the file.


  1. tried it.... does not work....... it only gives you the download button but will not start the download.... it will give a javascript error..... check it again.... sorry