Sunday, February 8, 2009

Orkut Scraps Via Sms

Hi Frnds I Gonna Teach You How To Receive Orkut Scraps As A Sms

Just Follow These Simple Steps

*Step 1*

First Of All U Have To Get The Feed Url Of Your Orkut Profile By Using

For This, Just Open Your Orkut Profile & Copy The Homepage Link

(In My Case It Is

*Step 2*

Now Go To & Paste Ur Orkut Profile Link
(Already Generated On Step 1)

Check Screen Shot Below

After This, Just Hit The Subscribe Button & U’ll Be Provided With Ur Orkut Profile Feed Url
(In My Case, It Is

*Step 3*

Also Add “#both” At The End Of The Above URL So That U Can Get Messages Of The Scrap As Well.

Now My Feed URL Becomes

*Step 4*

Homepage Or By Joining My Group Anandoo7 & Create A New Channel As Shown In The Screen Shot Below. If U Don’t Have An Account On SMS Channels Then Create One By Logging In With Ur Gmail Password.

*Step 5*

Fill All The Required Details & Feed URL Of Ur Orkut Page (Refer Step 2) On The ‘RSS/Atom feed’ Form & Finally Hit The [lime]‘Create Channel’[/lime] Button.

That’s It! Now U’ll Be Getting Scrap Notifications Via SMS For Life


* For This Trick To Work On Locked Scrapbooks, You Must Add This Orkutfeeds Bot As Your Friend.

* Scrap Notification Are Delayed For 2-4 Hours Depending On The Google’s Server Traffic.

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